Bike Ride

This morning was the first time I’ve had an opportunity to ride my bike for a while. I’ve had grandchildren visiting or other obligations that have gotten in the way. It seemed like a really nice morning, so I grabbed my keys (so I could lock the house up), put on my sunglasses, and put … More Bike Ride


We all go through it. We all have them. We all want to run away and hide from time to time.I’m talking about periods of loneliness, self doubt, self loathing, feeling neglected and forgotten. Right now, I am pretty low. Family that has caused more distress than comfort, the world that continues assaulting Christian values … More Weary


Favorites, we all have them. Whether it’s a favorite parent, sibling, friend, teacher, there are times when we just like someone or something better than another. Nothing wrong with that. Of course not. Unless… Unless you make it obvious to everyone and make them feel bad because they are not your favorite. Unless it was … More Favorites

Losing Weight

Notice I titled this Losing Weight.  Not Loosing Weight. Because losing means to lose something, not be able to find it, it’s gone. Loose on the other hand, means something is not tight.  Say your wedding ring or your jeans.  Either of which, could be a result of losing weight.  It is a pet peeve of mine when … More Losing Weight

Someone Else’s Crazy

Opposites attract.  Ask anyone and they will more than likely tell you their spouse is from a different planet and managed to act normal long enough to hoodwink them into marriage. Well, okay, so that is not entirely accurate, but, most spouses come from a crazy family, right?  As in ours was normal, but these … More Someone Else’s Crazy


I am promoting a friend’s blog post today.  I feel she has really addressed an issue that has been needing to be addressed.  I feel convicted by this, I hope others are too.  Please take the time to read, it’s worth it.  Great job Malia!   via Lipstick and likes and the lost