We all want to be acknowleged

Occasionally, during the course of my day I stumble across something I would change.  Either do it differently, or in my humble opinion (imho) better.
Frequently, I share my observations with my husband.  He has encouraged me many times to record these either in the form of a blog or a book.  Since I don’t feel competent to start a book at this time, I thought I’d give blogging a try.
Be kind, be gentle.  I’m not professing to be anything other than I am.  A 54 year old, fat grandma who has a sometimes unique view of her world with a very quirky sense of humor.
Case in point.  Yesterday while sitting in the dentist’s office impatiently waiting for my appointment, a young man came in and went to the front desk to register, asking if he should pay now or later.  They told him he could pay after the appointment.  I so very badly wanted to tell him, “That’s in case you don’t make it out alive, then you’ve not wasted your money.”
Having a bit more wisdom than I did even a year or two ago, I am learning, and I stress the learning part, not to say everything that pops into my mind.  Those that know me well, will understand this, although they might wonder when I’ve used that reserve.  But I have seen progress in this area.  Maybe someday, those around me will notice it as well.  🙂

Back to the impatiently waiting.  I can handle waiting.  I have done it frequently in my life.  What I can’t handle, and I like to think most others are with me on this, is being ignored.  I went to the receptionist upon entering the office and gave her my name so she’d know I was there for my appointment.  20 minutes after my appointment was supposed to have happened, I was still sitting there waiting.  And this is while at least 3 other people have arrived after me and been called to the exam rooms.  Finally, I headed back up to the desk to inquire if I had the right day thinking maybe that would refresh their memory that I was still waiting.  The receptionist just looked at me and said, “Yes, you have the right day.”
Okay, what I thought should have happened and what would have happened had I been in charge was that IF they were running late, they would have informed me of that upon my arrival and given me an approximate wait time.  Failing that, when I went back up to the desk to inquire about the appointment, they could have then said,” I’m sorry we’re running late, he’ll be with you shortly.”
How hard is this?
Common sense people!
Acknowledge your customers, patients, etc…  Make them feel valued.
That is all.


2 thoughts on “We all want to be acknowleged

  1. I sympathize with you Judy, that kind of thing happens all too frequently. Sometimes doctors have emergencies, and are over worked, and sometimes they create that situation, in the same way that resorts overbook their rooms. Sometimes however, situations in life are your opportunity to establish with “yourself,” the fact that you have as much value as anyone. We have to place value on ourselves, because if we don’t, then we can’t reasonably expect others to value what we don’t. That means not being confrontational, but making other people accountable for their actions, or inaction’s, as the case may be.


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