Quick Observations and Momentary Musings

On Hair – I’m beginning to think that giving us hair was a joke God played on us.  How much time do we spend washing, drying, styling, and worrying over our hair. We color, highlight, (for the male readers this is entirely 2 different things), cut, grow, pull up or back, and look for new ways to wear it.  I’m thinking bald would be so much easier.

On bed sheets – Is there a right way or a wrong way to put these on your bed.  Obviously the fitted or bottom sheet can only go on one way.  However, the top sheet is another matter.  Do you place it with the print side up or down?  My dad and I placed it with the print side up so I’m sleeping with the wrong side facing me.  My mom liked to fold down part of the sheet and bedspread or comforter and leave that showing so she placed the printed side down so when it was unfolded, that was showing. How do you do it?
I think this is another matter for Google.  😉


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