So Incredibly NOT PC

PC being politically correct.  I am not at all PC.  I say what I think with as much tact as I can muster but I really don’t care what the majority of people think of me.  I have always done things my way which is one reason my mother and I never got on as well as we could have.  I think we were both ones to do it our own way.
Anyway, I’m sitting here listening to my washer run and being thankful I have a washer and electricity, but also smelling the bleach I threw in with the whites and loving the smell.  Bleach to me is a smell I equate with “clean”.  I remember as a child sitting next to my mom and smelling her clean white cotton shirts with the faint bleach smell.  It was a smell of comfort.
Now we’re not supposed to use bleach or chemicals to clean, but I do.  I want things clean.  I don’t want things growing in my sink, toilet or other places where they like to grow.  I don’t want bugs or spiders in my house either, so I ask hubby to spray around the outside of the house to keep them from coming in.
I’m also a conservative *gasp* Republican *gasp* and a Christian to boot.  Yes, pretty unpopular these days, but I don’t care.
While I do try to avoid using terms that offend, and I could list them here, but that would be offensive, I’m not going to alter my beliefs or core of who I am to please someone else.
I also am not overly worried about the environment.  Again a negative on the cool factor.  But I don’t believe we are destroying the planet or that the warming trend is anything other than a warming trend.  You can show me facts and studies that point to “global warming” and I can refer you to other studies showing it’s not really global warming.  As I said, I use chemicals, I drink the water from our well and am not overly worried I’ll get cancer from it.  While I try to limit eating unhealthily, I don’t believe those momentary lapses are going to kill me nor do I believe they’re causing my fibromyalgia.  Were we healthier before GMO’s?  Probably.  Were we also more active before the GMO’s?  Absolutely.  Did we make all around healthier choices, yes, I do believe we did.  Less time online, more time doing chores, less money spent on sugary, high-fat treats.  It was a healthier, in many ways, lifestyle.  All that to say I don’t necessarily believe it’s all the fault of the GMO’s or any one other thing that’s leading to our downfall in health.  I think it has many contributing factors.
I also find myself as a lone dissenter sometimes in groups.  Not long ago I was included in a gathering of other women and found myself thinking, “I don’t fit in here.”  Mainly because I was willing to speak up and disagree with someone.
In conclusion, I wear the non-PC label proudly.

Thanks for reading.


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