An Evening Out

We had dinner last week with some elderly family members.  It was an interesting time.  The air was stifling.  The AC had been turned off as it was a cooler day outside, but there were no windows open letting any air in and it was like being packed into a box and stuck in the attic.  Upon arrival I immediately went to the kitchen to help get the food into serving dishes and put on the table.  It was even hotter out there.  During the course of the evening, the guest of honor who was visiting from another state said they’d like to get a Google Maps printout with directions to the airport.  Two of the other people in attendance there started telling them how they didn’t need that and why.  One told them to just go down the main street in the city to get to the airport, which would work, but would take forever at the time of day they’d be traveling as it’s a main thoroughfare in this city and it would have high traffic volumes at that time.  Another one told them their Google Map didn’t help them when they arrived as they got lost and they didn’t know why they’d want to do that again.  In actuality, they hadn’t used a Google map upon arrival, they thought they’d remembered the way out of the airport and city, but as is easy to do by this particular airport, got off course a little and wound up in an area, they didn’t want to be.  Hubby and I just sat quietly and didn’t even try to offer an opinion, because we know how argumentative one of these elderly people can be.  She’d already been answering questions directed at other people, monopolizing the conversation and in general making it hard to visit.  All in all, it was kind of an amusing, very long and warm evening, but even so, it was nice to reconnect with family.


2 thoughts on “An Evening Out

  1. Google maps,…forget it. They’re great as long as you never make a mistake, and once you do, what have you got? If your not familiar with where you are, then finding your way back to where you made the wrong turn can be very aggravating. When you have a full road map in front of you, no matter where you are when you miss a turn, you can get back on track easily enough. Of course if you have an iphone, with a GPS app, and some kind of Google maps app, I guess that’s different. Man, we have had some heated discussions over Google maps!!


    1. True. I do like the GPS on my phone once we’ve made a wrong turn, it can show me where we’re at and how to get back to where I want.
      I don’t feel that strongly either way about Google maps. lol I do think they can be helpful sometimes.


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