Celebrating the Everyday

Do you find things to celebrate everyday?  Or do you save your celebrating for those milestones?  The big occasions.
Recently we celebrated my husband’s 60th birthday.  That was a big one, a milestone and well worth celebrating!  It wasn’t a big celebration but we did surprise him with a small party at my son’s and his wife’s home.  All 3 of our children and their partners were there and we spent an enjoyable evening eating a meal, sharing some drinks, lots of laughter and conversation with our little family.  There are also the major holidays when we get together and celebrate.  Sometimes with special food and drink and sometimes not.  Last year for New Year’s Eve my husband bought a bottle of champagne.  Which is a pretty typical way of marking a special occasion.  You’ll see champagne on New Year’s Eve, at weddings and anniversaries, to toast a new job, or a retirement.  However, we’re not big drinkers and so with the champagne chilling in our second refrigerator downstairs, we forgot all about it that night and didn’t open it.  Since then we’ve celebrated my birthday and his, Valentine’s Day, and a few other occasions that he’s suggested opening it for and I didn’t think were special enough it called for champagne.  So now it’s become a joke between us, “Should we open the champagne?”  “No, let’s save it for something really special.”  And so far we still have that champagne in the fridge, ready and waiting for that special occasion.

It occurs to me that life is short and uncertain and we should make the most out of everyday.
Get the good china out for that Friday night dinner.  Let’s celebrate the end of another work week!
Use the good towels that you have been saving for “guests” you may never have.  Aren’t you as deserving as any guest?  And honestly I have found when I visit someone else’s home, I feel much more comfortable when they don’t hand out the good towels for my use.  I like using the everyday ones and not having to worry about staining them with makeup.
How about a celebrating Sunday as a day of rest?  Enjoy a special lunch and a peaceful afternoon if you can.
I can think of reasons to celebrate every day of the week, can you?
What if, instead of only on special birthday dinners, you picked a family member to honor each day of the week?  Let them pick the menu, or at least the main dish.  Can you think of some of your favorite quotes from that person and write them down on notes for everyone to read at least one?  Incorporate their favorite color with napkins or cups?  A fancy tablecloth? Candles?

Why not buy a bunch of balloons on a blah weekday?  Or even one balloon with a message on it?  The mylar ones with helium stay up forever and aren’t all that costly by themselves.  Maybe a flower or two?  Maybe buy a special blend of coffee and use that every Tuesday.
Wear a special outfit on Thursdays to jazz them up.  I’ll let you figure Wednesdays (Hump Day) out for yourselves.
Do you have a message board you use to make sure everyone in the house knows what’s going on?  Put a sweet, inspirational message on it or maybe a goofy little cartoon.
Hug more, laugh more, love more.
Life!  It’s worth celebrating!


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