How do I arrange it?

Today’s first post, which may be my only post but I am ambitious for now, is for my writing group.  We’ve read Chapter Two in the book On Being a Writer by Kroeker and Craig for our discussion group with Kate Motaung on Arrange.  How do we arrange our lives to enable and achieve our writing goals?  Do we set aside a time everyday to write?  Do we have a dedicated space set aside to write in, if so, what does that look like?  Does it seem to be working for you?  Is there a time of day that is more conducive to writing?  Do you have to say no to anything to write?

All good questions.  This book is already proving to be such an excellent help as I start contemplating dedicating more time and effort to my writing.

One of the most difficult things for me in arranging my life to write is trying to arrange a very distracted and distractable mind.  In the space it took to dry off after my shower, get dressed and get ready this morning, I came up with at least 3 different themes running through my mind for future blog posts.  None of which had anything to do with Arrange.  My mind is like a bunny trail, hopping here and there and everywhere and it’s hard for me to follow sometimes what other speakers are saying.  I do much better with the written word.  My husband was not open to the idea of giving me a printed version of his conversations.  I’m still working on that one.  Yes, my mind is definitely one of the biggest hurdles to my focus.
distracted mind
My phone and social media are another distraction,  I can turn my phone face down and quiet the notifications.  Then I miss important phone calls.  Another thing to work out.

Something the authors pointed out was that there are certain things we need or should do to help our writing.  Exercise was one of the them.  It’s actually supposed to help your creative juices flow.  Eating right is another one.  Personally, I think chocolate and caffeine are great for bringing out my creative side.  Probably not the healthiest, but everything in moderation. They also suggested non-writing activities that would allow our creative mind to rest.  Going out for lunch with a friend is something that can recharge me and make me brim with ideas waiting to jump onto the page.  I do Sudoku for fun.  The easy ones.  I am not a math whiz and it makes my brain hurt to think too hard with numbers, so I stick to the easy ones.  I even manage to mess those up at times.  But I enjoy it.  And it has nothing to with writing, so it’s a good thing to relax my brain.  A massage sounds like another activity that would definitely relax and inspire me.  Wonder if I could claim that as a business expense?
I can see that I will have to put more thought into arranging my life and space to enable my writing.


5 thoughts on “How do I arrange it?

  1. hi judy, glad i found you . thanks for stopping my my little home on the net. i enjoyed reading your idea of paying for massages as a business expense. that would be awesome for sure:) i look forward to seeing more of you during this series:)


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