Feeling so broken and all alone
My heart cries out
I need someone to reach for me once
To choose me, to pick me

I am the strong one
Who is always doing the reaching
The comforting
The building up

I am empty and need refilled

Although I long for
A human to reach out for me
I lick my wounds and slowly
Try to rise and stand again
Once more God reminds me
He is sufficient for me
His grace is sufficient for all my needs

He did choose me, pick me
Died for me
He loves me for who I am
And who I’m becoming

On Christ my solid rock I’ll stand
All other ground is sinking sand
God wrap me in your love
And thank you, thank you
For being my everything


6 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Oh Judy, I empathise with you so much; this is how I so often feel myself. [I’m writing a post about loneliness at the moment, trying to get my head around the depth of it]…thinking of you and am including you in my prayers. Helen xxx

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      1. Hi Judy, WP always notifies me very late of replies to comments I’ve left (sorry to have appeared rude by not replying sooner!)….yes, absolutely, it’s so difficult to find people you click and connect with (I’m an INFJ personality type which explains a great deal about ‘why’ I often feel such a disconnect with those around me and, as such, end up feeling lonely)…..hoping that, yes, it will get better for us both…and I am open to speaking if you ever feel like that!!


        1. No worries. I did not think you were rude. Didn’t give it another thought, honestly after I sent the message other than to pray for you. I’m getting better at turning to prayer when I feel like that. It does help.


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