The older I get, the more I forget.  This should probably be stamped on my body someplace.  Like a tattoo.  Only I have decided I don’t want a tattoo.  Maybe a note on my shirt.

I used to think the dentist or doctor calling to remind you of an appointment was so silly.  Who can’t keep track of their appointments.  Ah ha ha ha ha….  Don’t you just love when your former self comes back to bite your present self in the rear?  As has happened to me so many times in life, my words have come back to haunt me.

support group

Hello my name is Judy and I’m Forgetful.
It started with a hair cut appointment.  I showed up on the wrong day.  Then it was a doctor’s appointment I forgot.  A library book that missed its return deadline.  A late payment for the Electric Co.  It was a downhill slide into Forgetfulness Land.  Forgetfulness Land or  FL as I’ll refer to it, is a happy place in the moment.  You don’t remember things.  You don’t remember responsibilities or past hurts or regrets and that is a nice place to be.  But when you have to step out of FL and into Reality World, it is jarring.  Before long, people don’t depend on you, which isn’t all bad, trust me – wink wink – less responsibility.  However, your hair doesn’t get cut and pretty soon your stylist stops giving you appointments.  Your teeth are in desperate need of a cleaning and you don’t get the pick of the appointments, being forced to show up at the ungodly hour of  8 o’clock a.m.  When the power gets shut off, you can still read in the dark with your e-reader until the battery dies down and you think to yourself, oh, I’ll just plug it in and recharge, and then there’s Reality World waiting for you.  Dagnabbit!

Even our appliances are designed to help us remember things.  I have a dryer that continues to buzz periodically until I get the clothes out and hang them up.  Well, I could toss them in a pile I suppose and the dryer would never know, but my husband would notice.  Once upon a time, I had a dryer which didn’t do this and I had the bad habit of leaving a load of clothes in there until needed.  After buying a new washer/dryer set, the old set went on an auction.  With a load of clothes in it.  My husband’s work uniforms.  The man who bought it didn’t want to give them back.  oops!


There’s the microwave who continues to beep after you’ve used it until you get the food out.  I suspect this is for those people who warm up a cup of coffee and are still too busy to remember to go get it.  It also does this if you defrost food, which is great.  No more leaving a piece of meat sit all day in the microwave only to open it for a late night cuppa and find you’ve ruined an expensive cut of beef.  Not that I would know, but I read…Okay, yes, I confess, I’ve done this too.

There’s the curling iron and the steam iron that will shut themselves off.
And then there’s my husband who reminds me of things I need to remember.

I’ve come to appreciate my reminders.   The postcards and texts and phone calls that remind me I have someplace to be.   The husband who lovingly reminds me of items on my to-do list.  I can even set numerous reminders in my phone to pop up and help me be where I need to be.  Those don’t work though, if you change phones.  Serious bummer.

Without them, I’d be stuck in FL with shaggy hair, dingy teeth and rotten meat.
But at least I’d have my e-reader…


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