Alone – Five Minute Friday Write

Alone can mean so many different things to different people.

How often have you heard someone utter, “Leave me alone!” Or, “I just want to be left alone.”  Sometimes we really mean that and being alone is preferable.  It is good to be alone sometimes to reflect on life, commune with God, and get to know yourself better.  I am an introvert, so my alone time recharges me.  Not everyone is like this, I realize.  My husband is an extrovert and being around others is what gives him life.

There are some things which I like to do alone.  Reading is one of them.  Going to a movie by myself isn’t as much fun and neither is eating in a restaurant by myself.  When I do need to eat in a restaurant by myself, I will take a book and then it becomes much more enjoyable.  I think the thing that bothers me most in being alone out in public, is thinking that other people will be viewing me as a person without friends.  Why I should care about this, is something I’ve thought about more, and the answer is, I really shouldn’t care.  But I still do, a little.

When my children were small, what I wouldn’t give for time alone.  Because you’re never alone when you have small children.  They would follow you into the bathroom if you could.  Then I was quite adept at reading and doing other things while being among a lot of noise and learning to tune it out.  It is much harder for me to do that now.


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