I Doubt It

Doubt.  I don’t think I knew what doubt was in my early years.  Who doubts as a baby?  Who doubts as a toddler or even a young child?  I learned doubt when I first had to prove myself.  Probably by taking a test in school, or completing a particularly tough assignment.  Or maybe it was … More I Doubt It


I am a little behind.  Depending how how you look at it.  I say a little, but I’m stressing over it.  I had joined a writing group a few weeks back.  We are all reading the same book, On Being a Writer by Kroeker and Craig, and discussing it on Kate Motaung’s blog.  It has … More Promote

The Most Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic, Awesome Blog Post Ever!!!

We live in a world of superlatives. Which I have to admit, I sometimes find exhausting. Everything is the best!!! Honestly, everything can’t be the best. That’s impossible. That doesn’t stop people from proclaiming it though. “I have the smartest grandchild!” “I have the cutest dog ever!” “My granddaughter is the prettiest!” “My husband is … More The Most Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic, Awesome Blog Post Ever!!!


Five Minute Friday is upon us again. The prompt today is Yes!  As I pondered this overnight, I was thinking about how yes is seen as a positive response and no is a negative one.  But does it have to be this way?  What about the number of times we say no, so we can … More Yes!