Ambition is Fickle

Why is it that Ambition comes at the most inopportune moments?


I am not a morning person.  A fact that has been well established.  For years, my bursts of energy would come later in the day.  I would find myself staying up until midnight or 1 a.m. reading, crafting, sometimes writing.  I would think about all I wanted to get accomplished and make a To Do List for the next day.

After crawling out of bed the next morning and stumbling bleary-eyed to the kitchen for my life juice, that first cup of coffee, I’d sit down in my chair and look at the To Do List like it was written in a foreign language.
“Where did this list come from?” I would wonder while I’m frowning and squinting at it.  “Who is the Miss Pollyanna that thought I could do all this?” and “That isn’t going to happen,” were other things I thought when confronting that list first thing in the morning.  My ambition was gone.  The Ambition Stealer had come in the night and stolen every ounce I had.
Usually after a couple cups of coffee, I would be more awake and ready to start one or two small items on the list and as the day went on, I would get more done.  Night time would come and back again to mock me was Ambition.  Dancing around in front of me until I made another list.

images (8)

Fast forward a few years and I’m really not even a night person anymore.  I’m tired all day.  So the “night before” lists aren’t being written anymore.  The lists are few and far between.  Ambition only comes to visit once in a great while now.

Last Saturday, 3 days ago, I managed to put my back out.  My back goes out more than I do.  Truly.  Anyway, I was doing nothing special, nothing fun, nothing exciting or risky and it popped out.  Lower back.  I had a hint of it earlier in the week during a car trip but then that had disappeared so I mistakenly thought it was better.  I made it through the next couple days and was lucky enough to get an appointment with the chiropractor yesterday.  He worked his magic and it felt a little better.  I have another appointment tomorrow and then he’s out of town for a week, so I’m hoping tomorrow’s appointment is a miracle inducer.

I’ve been sitting and lying around the past 3 days doing little to nothing and thinking of all the things I want to get done.  Once again Ambition has been taunting me.  Getting in my face and waving projects around to tempt me.  Knowing full well when my back gets better she’s going into hiding.
I need to start a list.  Something I can hang on to after my back is better and she’s disappeared.  Maybe I can outsmart her and call on my friend, Perseverance, to help me get a few things checked off.  When Perseverance works with me, Satisfaction shows up soon after.  Looking forward to his visit as it’s a feel good time.

Take that Miss A!


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