Today is Monday.  One of the days my writing group reads a chapter in the book we’re going through, Kroeker and Craig are the authors, the book – On Being A Writer.  We meet at Kate Motaung’s blog to discuss.  You are welcome to join us, if you like.
Today’s chapter was titled Write.  Simple, directive.  Just write.  Only those of us who write, know it’s not always that simple. But in the end it is.  We just have to sit down and start writing.  Sometimes the words are pulled out bit by bit, hesitantly, and hard to get at.  It’s a struggle and you aren’t always sure when you’re done that it’s satisfactory.  My mind pictures a string or rope being pulled out of one’s mouth bringing up the words, one at a time, to put on the paper.


Other times, they just well up and flow out of you.  Your fingers move so fast the keys can hardly keep up.  Those are the fun times.  Usually that happens when I’m in the right frame of mind to write.  When I have something I want to write about and it just bubbles up and out of me.  Piece of cake.  When you’re done, you are sure it was a good piece.

throwing up words-2

However there are times for many of us that we have to write to fulfill an obligation.  We can’t wait for just the right frame of mind.  So it becomes work.  That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, or a bad piece of writing.  The book states that many famous authors have had to come at it like work, either setting aside a particular time everyday, or writing amidst the chaos and confusion that fills their lives.  I remember reading that Mary Higgins Clark, used to get up early every morning and spend a couple of hours writing before her kids were awake.  Then she’d get them up and ready for school and herself ready for a full-time job outside of the home.  How she found the energy, I don’t know, but she had the passion and that was what fed her writing.  Not being a morning person, I don’t think this would work for me.
I wasn’t in the mood to write today either, but the assignment from the group has me sitting here coming up with something to say.  I’m so glad I made the decision to join.  It has made me be more disciplined about writing.  The book is excellent and the group has been very encouraging.  It has been fun to meet other writers.  They are talking about a new challenge.  Writing 5 minutes everyday for 31 days.  It seems scary and overwhelming, but the more I think about it, the more I think I might try it.  It would make me write everyday.

Sometimes I think we all must long for that perfect place to write.  That cabin in the woods, that secluded nook in our homes, or that deserted beach.  I strongly suspect though that it wouldn’t be any more conducive to writing than in the midst of our homes with life circling around us.  I can’t speak for you, but I think that if I was at the cabin in the woods, I would be just as tempted to distract myself with the things I use here and I would be no more productive than I am here at home sitting in my recliner with my laptop in my lap.  When I started this piece, I took time out to play a game or two of Mahjong Trails on Facebook.  But when I finally stopped procrastinating and just started writing, I was able to get it done.
I need to remember the Nike slogan when I’m putting it off.



9 thoughts on “Write

  1. As a writing coach, I’m often the voice in my client’s ear (sometimes literally, over the phone or using Voxer) reminding him or her to stay on track, to move toward the targeted goals, keep putting words down, etc. But people can self-coach, which is what you seemed to do here. You let yourself have that little treat of the game, then you sort of talked yourself back to the work, like a coach would do, and here you’ve written this! I’m so glad the book and Kate’s #FMF community challenge is wooing you back to your words and your work. Keep coaching yourself, because by the end of this commitment, you’ll have grown as a writer. It’s a natural byproduct of actively, regularly committing to writing. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks Ann, I appreciate you reading and commenting. I love the book. So much good advice in there!
      I’ve also picked up strategies from the FLY Lady on how to do tasks that overwhelm us and that is to break it down into 15 minute chunks of time. You start by setting the timer for 15 minutes and telling yourself that’s all you have to do. When your 15 minutes are up, you can choose to move to something else, or do another 15 minutes on this project.


  2. I’m glad it’s not just me that’s so good at being distracted! I agree, it’s sometimes hard to get going but if you can just do it, it’s so much easier once you get started. I’m glad you managed to overcome your feeling that you weren’t in the mood and managed to post today. This discussion group has given me a lot of motivation too.

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    1. Gabriele,
      I’m so glad you are like me and play games too. 😉
      This discussion group has been a huge help in getting my writing going. I had just started blogging when Kate invited me and at first thought it was beyond me but after giving it a try, I’m really glad I did and met you!


  3. Hah! That Nike slogan is a handy one! Loved your post. I too didn’t want to write today (it’s definitely been the hardest prompt for me) but I forced myself to do so (battling tiredness) as I promised myself I would respond to every prompt. Love how you describe the different kinds of writing (easy to write….harder….flowing writing). I’ve so enjoyed getting to ‘know’ you….! (Beautiful photos, by the way!)

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    1. I use that for a lot of things I’m procrastinating on. It’s my “Mom” voice. Thanks for your nice comments! I’ve tried commenting on your blog lately but not sure if they’re getting posted. Sometimes different sites won’t allow me to post comments.


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