Free or Fee

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I am a new blogger having only begun roughly about 2 1/2 months ago.  When I started I knew nothing except writing. I’ve tried to set up my blog and include features I want on here.  Not being a really technologically savvy person, there are things I’d still like to improve but don’t know how.  I know I need to ask for help, and I will get to that point, I promise.  My first inclination is to try to do it myself before asking.  I don’t know where, but I learned this somewhere along the journey of my life.  Maybe it was my mom, maybe it was a teacher, but I do remember asking for help at some point and having someone reply, “Have you tried to do it on your own yet?” Implying that in order to get help, I really should have invested at least a little of my time and effort into the endeavor.  That has stuck with me.

While my blog site isn’t the most cosmetically appealing, I continue to write because that is something I can do.  Figuring out how to write a post and publish it were easy thanks to WordPress.

When I started the only thing I noticed that I couldn’t do by choosing the Free Plan was I couldn’t select a Custom Theme.  Since there were several nice ones for free, I didn’t think that would bother me.  At least not for now.

Part of writing a blog, I’ve learned is reading several others.  Learning from them, supporting them, and being inspired by them.  In doing this, I’ve noticed things about their blogs that I would like to incorporate into my blog.  The most recent one is the Tweet This box.  It’s actually a plugin.  In the post itself, it appears like a little box around a sentence or phrase with the words Tweet This after the tweetable phrase, that the reader can click on and it will post to your Twitter feed.  I’ve really liked this ever since I first noticed it.  As with many things, I didn’t act on it right away but stuck it in the back of my mind for when I had time to check it out.
That time was this morning.  Surprisingly enough, when I went to retrieve it from the back of my mind, it hadn’t been swallowed up by all the other scary stuff in there.  And there is a lot of scary stuff in there!

I first tried to find out more about this by clicking on the Help feature for WordPress.  Not being able to find it there, I then turned to a Facebook group, I’m a part of, The Women of Midlife. I had seen another question on the page that made me think it would be all right to ask.  I did get some great, helpful advice. I learned that it is a plugin  So after clicking on Plugins in my settings, and not being able to access any plugins, I then checked the information on WordPress’ help section on plugins and found it isn’t a part of the Free Plan.
I then checked out the different plans and found it’s going to cost $99 for a year’s subscription to their Premium Plan.  Had it been $50 or less, I would have probably signed up for it and not thought a lot about it.  The $99 price tag is a little more spendy and made me pause.

I think for now, I’ll stick to the free plan, but I know what’s going on my Christmas Wish List.


8 thoughts on “Free or Fee

  1. Well, I hear your pain. I have had my blog on wordpress just over a year and up to that point I had spent zippo, nada. I know have almost 1000 followers so like you I thought I should take it to the next level, since I too wanted the fancy plugins. Save your $99 unless you are a .org site. UGH, I had no idea that regular wordpress including when we upgrade for premium has plugin capacities. I have NO idea why but it’s the case. The only thing I could now do which I just purchased the premium this week is post videos change up my fonts and colors and make my blog mobile friendly, which is a good pert. If I could do it all over again I would start as a .org after all my blog was birthed out of a church group. Just my lil rant. Hope it helps you.

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      1. No they don’t neither do you get them when you choose to go premium on any theme. The only way you can get plugins is if you are a . Org rather than a .com. If your site is it’s the same verdict. Trust me the only solution is to switch to .org but I believe you lose all your current followers. Not something I am willing to do. Just do a google search and you will see what I found out the hard way. Hope this helps


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