Who Turned UP the Heat?


Sweet Jesus, cool me down!!
As I write this, it’s 11 a.m.  Outside temp is 68 degrees.  I am roasting.  I kid you not!  I’ve got the thermostat turned down to 76, any lower and Hubby will be pulling out his winter clothes, the ceiling fan is always on, and now I’ve added the oscillating fan.  It’s like the beginnings of a tropical storm.  High winds and I’m drenched.
I apologize to my male readers, but this just needs to be said.  Menopause SUCKS!

It’s also proof that men and women are not equal.  When y’all have half the physical miseries, we do, then we can talk…
Provided I can hold a thought in my head for more than 2 minutes.  Another by-product of this lovely stage of life we’re in, I’m told.  The distractedness, the forgetfulness, feeling like you have the worst case of Attention Deficit ever.  I also might be a teensy-weensy, miniscule,  tiny, wee bit emotional.

My thermometer has been turned up ever since I was 20 years old and pregnant with my first child and it’s never worked its way back down.  I am always warm.  At least as a general rule.  I once went one entire winter with the heater in my car not working.  Didn’t bother me a bit as I only drove back and forth to work and was never cold.  In any group of people, it’s me that’s the warmest.  At work I was the one with the fan on while the other women were putting sweaters on.  I’ve given up on wearing jackets.  They went out of my life 20 years ago.  Sweaters make a rare appearance as well.  Layered look = the 7th level of Hell. Outside activities are put on hold until the temps enter the low 70’s and 60’s and the humidity is greatly subdued.
Visiting people who don’t have AC or don’t have it turned on and running properly, is agony.  I feel like the Wicked Witch in Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz after she has the bucket of water poured on her.  “I’m melting, melting!”

Cooking Holiday meals is another occasion that leaves me red-faced and dripping.  Yay.  Another family Christmas picture of me in short sleeves and the rest of the family in sweaters.

In conclusion, if you’re not in this stage of your lives, Ladies, be thankful!  And men, if you know someone who is in this stage of your life “Handle with Care!”

I have a magnet on my refrigerator which appropriately enough proclaims, “I’m still Hot!  It just comes in flashes now.”


*Disclaimer – In my opening line, I was not using the Lord’s name in vain, I was truly offering up a prayer.
Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I would never intentionally disrespect Him.


3 thoughts on “Who Turned UP the Heat?

    1. It’s just not fair we have to endure menstruation, cramps, pregnancy and all the fun that goes along with that, then premenopause, and menopause. We fight our bodies all our lives. I guess that’s why we’re the superior sex. ha ha ha


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