You Might Have a Drinking Problem If:

  1.  Your family reunion looks like the local chapter of AA

  2. Every get-together is an occasion to get drunk.

  3. The holiday doesn’t begin until the booze is opened.

  4. The day after every holiday brings a hangover.

  5. Tailgating becomes the main event, instead of the game.

  6. You can’t imagine a party without alcohol.

  7. You don’t remember details of a lot of events you’ve attended.
    Weddings, graduations, baptisms, confirmations are all a blur because of how much you drank.

  8. You really don’t enjoy your family until you’ve got a few drinks in you.

  9. You take extra time off from work before a holiday or family get-together to start drinking early.

  10. You really can’t have fun unless you’re drinking.  Or “Drinking makes everything more fun.”

2 thoughts on “You Might Have a Drinking Problem If:

  1. You might have a drinking problem if:

    #1- You can’t get the cap off the beer bottle!

    #2- You didn’t bring a crock screw!

    #3- The pull-tab on the can breaks!

    #4- You run out of ice!

    Otherwise, your good to go.

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