The Most Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic, Awesome Blog Post Ever!!!

We live in a world of superlatives. Which I have to admit, I sometimes find exhausting. Everything is the best!!!

Honestly, everything can’t be the best. That’s impossible. That doesn’t stop people from proclaiming it though. “I have the smartest grandchild!” “I have the cutest dog ever!” “My granddaughter is the prettiest!” “My husband is the most wonderful husband in the world!” On and on and on it goes…

I’ve seen this on game shows where the contestants are asked to introduce their guests. Invariably, they’ve got the most amazing spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, children ever. I’ve seen it on FaceBook, where everyone is trying to outdo everyone else. Where the constant, “Look at me!” demands for attention mean you really have to sell yourself.

In my mind, this detracts and cheapens everything. If you’re claiming it’s the best restaurant ever and I try eating there, my expectations are going to be pretty high, let me tell you. If you say your grandchild is the prettiest, then I’m going to be a little tough on judging their looks. When you claim it’s the best and in my opinion it’s not, this really makes me question your judgement. What do you normally eat, dog food?

You might think I’m being a little too harsh or critical, and that may be, but I do think it’s gone a little crazy. Try looking around and watching posts on social media, commercials on television, listen to the ads on radio, even the print ads you may come across. Listen to your friends talk about new experiences they’ve had.  See if you don’t find yourself agreeing with me.
Granted, I’m not a superlative person. My husband once joked that if I won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Giveaway, my reaction would be so anticlimactic that you wouldn’t even be able to tell I’d won. I wasn’t one of those girls that screamed over things. My temperament is pretty even keel most of the time.  So is my blood pressure as a result, I think.

We recently ate at a restaurant that I’d heard rave reviews about from people on social media. It was not at all what we’d expected because of those reviews. We were disappointed and will not be going back. It was a little cafe that had someone told me, it’s a little cafe but we really like their food, I wouldn’t have expected overly much and probably wouldn’t have been as disappointed, but I’d been led to believe it was so much better than it was. I realize if you’re in business, your advertising strategy is not going to be, “Come dine with us, we’re mediocre.”  I don’t expect that from advertising. They are trying to sell you. It’s when people are so busy promoting themselves and all their experiences and relationships that it disheartens me. Life has turned into a competition. There are some people who couldn’t have an entire conversation about something other than what they’d spent money on. Be it a vacation, a house, furnishings, car, etc. They couldn’t do it. Have we become that shallow as a people, we can’t find more to discuss?

I’ll be honest with you. My life is average, ordinary even. It’s not the best, but then again, it’s not the worst. My kids are pretty special to me, but in the eyes of the world, they’re not amazing, though they are to me. My husband is wonderful to me, but in the eyes of the world, he’s an average guy with an average job. We live in an average house, although there are people in the world who would think we live in a mansion. Perspective is everything, isn’t it? Fresh clean water piped into your house at your fingertips anytime night or day is a miracle to some. Lately, I’ve had the words of Ecclesiastes running through my mind, “Vanity[b] of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” Ecclesiastes 1:2
When I look at what we spend our money and time on and I imagine it through God’s eyes, most of it does seem in vain.  

Forgive me for my cynicism. I’m probably over tired.  Excuse me while I go take the best nap ever!


13 thoughts on “The Most Amazing, Wonderful, Fantastic, Awesome Blog Post Ever!!!

  1. Loved this post (forgive my use of the word ‘Love’…it seems to have crept in to my ‘leaving blog comments’ vocabulary as ‘Liked this post’ never seems to do it justice)….I read something similar a while ago based around a discussion of the word ‘awesome’….(actually I think it may have been a TED talk)…suggesting that our poorer and poorer vocabulary (using the word ‘awesome’ as a filler because we can’t think of any other words) is actually causing shifts in our ability to recognise beauty and to live with gratitude…..highly interesting topic for reflection….thank you!


    1. I am stuck on the words, awesome and amazing and feel like kicking myself every time they come out of my mouth. I need to take the time to think of something different to say and write. 🙂
      Thanks for loving it.


          1. Hi Judy…I’ve had an awful virus this whole week and am still feeling dreadful, so I’ve had zero compulsion to want to sit at the computer….it’s actually the first time I’ve touched my laptop this week….I’ll pop over to you over the weekend! Helen xx


            1. Helen,
              So sorry to hear you’ve been ill! Hope you recover soon and feel much, much better.
              No worries. I’ve been buried between emails, blog posts, Bible reading, doctor’s appointments, vacation, etc… How can a retired person not be able to go on vacation for 6 days and get behind??? ha ha ha


  2. Judy, I love this post! Your “What do you normally eat, dog food?” line made me laugh, and I love your title. I agree with your point though. I was asked to forward an email this week at work which described something (which I think is pretty average) as “ground-breaking” and “world class”. I had to alter it because I just didn’t think it was true. I know that’s not what sells things but I think honesty is important too.

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    1. Thanks so much Carly. You always say the nicest things!!
      There’s nothing wrong with being average. lol There’s a lot of average in the world. You can’t have great unless you have average. Glad I made you smile. 🙂

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