I am a little behind.  Depending how how you look at it.  I say a little, but I’m stressing over it.  I had joined a writing group a few weeks back.  We are all reading the same book, On Being a Writer by Kroeker and Craig, and discussing it on Kate Motaung’s blog.  It has been a wealth of knowledge for me and fun at the same time.  I was busy last week and didn’t get my 2 posts done for the week.  We read a chapter on Mondays and Wednesdays and then discuss it.  Last Monday’s chapter was, “Promote.” It dealt with how to promote yourself as a writer and how to promote your writing.  It explored how comfortable we are in promoting ourselves and which methods we use.

There was a section talking about “writing for your grandmother” which I found struck a chord with me. This is where I feel I am now.  Writing for my grandmother.  This is about how you start, writing for a relatively small audience and getting your bearings as a writer.  I am very comfortable here and now, writing for a small audience.  I know I’m not ready for something bigger yet.  Maybe I will never be.  However for the time being, I’m enjoying this, my little blog.  Writing when and if I feel like it and not over-committing myself at this point.

They also discussed when you do have a message to get out there such as they did in the form of a book, that as writers, if we really believe in the message, self promoting, is the next logical step and shouldn’t be as scary as we make it in our minds. If we really believe in our writing and want to pass along what we’ve written, then of course we should be willing to promote it.

My methods thus far have consisted of posting on my own facebook page and joining linky parties and reading other blogs, leaving comments and connecting with other writers.  I am  very comfortable with those methods.  I would not be comfortable at this point specifically asking someone else to promote me.  I do not like to be put on the spot by other people and given no gracious way out so if I ever would want to ask someone else to promote me, it would be a generic request and not a specific one that required a response. If people want to share my work, then by all means, go for it.  I’d love the extra publicity and I would be grateful.  Some people have a harder time than others of promoting themselves, of even letting anyone they know they are writing a blog.  I recently discovered 2 of my sons didn’t realize I was writing a blog.  Even though I had promoted my blog on facebook, I hadn’t plastered myself all over it.  I think 1 son has hidden my posts from his view and the other doesn’t spend a lot of time on fb.  I have yet to ask my oldest son.  To say I was disappointed and deflated, that my kids haven’t even read me, would be accurate.
Honestly though, other than my husband, my biggest support has come from other bloggers.

Some writers have a hard time promoting themselves and feel it is not something they can do.  I’m okay with the small ways I have tried. Part of the reason we are sometimes hesitant to promote ourselves is that we don’t feel worthy.  They talked about a writer feeling not good enough one day and the next day feeling like they had something important to write and share with others.  It sounded like this is a pretty natural way for writers to feel.

This next week promises to be another really busy week and then I think things will settle down around here.  I’m not sure how much more reading and writing, I’ll get done this week.
Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Promote

  1. I liked your post, Judy, and I relate to a lot of what you say- finding self-promotion difficult, and switching between thinking I have something important to share with others one minute and not feeling good enough the next. Like you, I am definitely in the “writing for your grandmother” stage. I guess it’s about starting small in promoting our writing, like in everything else and hopefully we’ll gradually grow in that and find ways that are effective and that we feel comfortable with. And don’t worry about being behind with the discussion- I think all the links are deliberately left open for about a month in case people are struggling to keep up. I’m just about managing, but it has been a challenge for me too this week!


      1. Hope you had a good time. This week’s chapter “Rest” is about taking a break from writing, so you were actually ahead of us all! 🙂


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