People Full

This morning I find myself, as I often do, fed up with people.  I am an introvert and too much interaction with people drains me.  Social media especially drains me and I have to be careful to limit myself on there.  I conducted a 2 week fast from facebook about a month ago.  I had intended to go a month, but found that it is a form of communication for many people so they would message me on there and be expecting a reply.  Events and other things I needed to know about were posted there.  So I cut my month to two weeks but it gave me some much need distance and peace.  I find when I am constantly bombarded by others’ opinions and “chatter” I am totally drained by it.  So after my 2 week sabbatical from facebook, I went back with limited activity.  Only clicking on the things specifically directed towards me.  But slowly, over time, I began to look at more and click on more until once again I find myself irritated and fed up with others.  When I’m writing for my blog, I can state my thoughts and feelings and sometimes I’ll get some negative comments, but for the most part it is positive and affirming.  I like that.  I, like most people, have enough negative in my life, I don’t need to invite more.  Yet I find on facebook that many people feel free to be negative.  What starts out as an innocent post from me stating my thoughts or feelings on something, turns into a public discussion with people taking sides and arguing.  Not at all what I had intended.  Personally, I tend to only comment when I agree with someone.  Note, I said tend to.  There are exceptions to every rule.  There are things I feel strongly enough about that I feel I have to say something if I disagree with it.  But for the most part, I feel like people’s social media pages are their own and if I don’t agree, I can just keep scrolling.  I don’t need to argue with them.  Unfortunately, not many feel the same way I do and look for things to disagree with.  It’s tiring.
I need to limit my interaction.  One thing that I have found which really helps with that is  getting  rid of the app on my phone.  I can still access facebook by going to my browser and logging in, but the notifications no longer pop up on my phone.  I found those hard to ignore.  Now I get nothing on my phone and only on my laptop if I have that window open.  This has been a good solution for me.

There is good involved with social media also.  I found some very good articles on there this morning.  One having to deal with the Muslim refugee issue and the growing anti-Muslim sentiment in our country.  I found my views challenged and changed.  That is a good thing.  I also watched a story of a woman who was down on her luck being helped by others.  A great story that helps restore my faith in humanity.  Social media is here and we can ignore it as some do and not engage, or we can try to manage it without letting it overwhelm us.  I’m working on the latter as I’m not one that can ignore and walk away.

I started this yesterday when I was having a bad day and was overwhelmed by too much interaction on facebook.  This morning, I am feeling much better but know that in order to keep that feeling, I will need to stay off facebook as much as possible.  I will need to have as much patience as possible for my real life people encounters.  For driving in slow moving traffic, for shopping in crowded stores with slow cashiers.  For family that sometimes stretches our patience. I know God didn’t put me in this world to exist alone and that to extend His grace to others, I have to maintain a loving attitude.  To do that, I need to limit my contact with unnecessary chaos.
People are not the problem.  My reaction is.  So I need to fill myself with more of Christ and His Word, and empty myself of the world.


7 thoughts on “People Full

  1. you talk about it wherever I go I see that people’s head are down in their cellphones and they are tapping away… I miss that old times when my friend & I would stand together in the line to buy tickets and talk about things… it was rather fun… I understand your trouble with being introvert, and main thing is you feel as if no one understands you at times… its tough to deal with. But still don’t let all those bad things capture your thoughts and keep you busy and away from the good things 🙂 Your blog is awesome place for example 🙂 you speak your heart out.. Its beautiful. Even if you get negative comments at times…

    I hope you find the balance with social media and social applications… take care girl 🙂 see you


  2. Yep. Facebook fatigue is legit for me too. I’ve got several boundaries up for myself as well. It gets too overwhelming.

    Praying for continued wisdom for the both of us!


  3. I think selectively filtering the world is a given for most introverts. Otherwise, overload is inevitable. It’s great to hear you have learned and continue to learn how and where to set those boundaries. I know people who replace a real life with social media and online interactions–and the two are just not the same.


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