Dried Up

My words have dried up. It is not a great place to be. Where in the past, they flowed out of me endlessly, and I had no trouble imagining always having something to write about, now I struggle. I come up with ideas, ponder them, and then throw them back. I try writing and may get a paragraph out, maybe two, and then I either have to quit because of time constraints, or I’m unhappy with how it’s sounding. I don’t want to be here. I want to write. I’m hoping this is temporary. Maybe even seasonal. I read other’s words and admire them for being able to put their thoughts down so clearly, so purposefully, and even humorously. Yet I struggle.


23 thoughts on “Dried Up

  1. There are times one has nothing to say. The world is full of those having nothing to say, but saying it anyway. When God wants you to say (or write) something, He will let you know.

    In the meantime; ice cream, walking, seeing an eclipse (if possible) and thinking are all good spurs to creativity and imagination. None of which are offensive to God in the usual case.


    1. Thanks OMM! You are exactly right. There is no sense in writing if I have nothing to say. Nobody likes a blowhard that speaks to hear himself. Ice cream is a cure for a lot of ills. 🙂 We did see the eclipse and marveled at God’s creative power.
      Good thoughts!


  2. Never ever give up! Keep Hope Alive!
    I have made a promise to myself to write everyday.. it is so hard and sometimes, it really. really stinks! Other days, I truly surprise myself! And yet other days, it’s just “meh” or so-so. But I write!
    And you do Amazing replies! I think it helps us get our juices going!


  3. Sorry to hear you’re struggling for words, Judy- that’s not a nice place to be. I’m sure it will just be temporary. Maybe the best thing is just to step back and take a break and don’t try to force it- the words will come when they’re ready.
    The other thing that helps me when I don’t know what to write about or feel I have nothing to say is to try a linkup with a writing prompt and just make myself do it. Something like Five Minute Friday is good because it’s short and no-one is expecting perfection. I find that usually gets me going even if I’ve started out feeling completely blank.
    I realise I’ve just given 2 contradicting pieces of advice but I’m sure you’ll know what’s right for you. Hope you find what works and that you’re able to get back to writing soon. (and judging by the length of this comment I have the opposite problem and should probably stop writing! 🙂 )


      1. Amen, girls!
        Taking breaks is definitely sometimes necessary.
        For what it’s worth, I also find that when I read more and/or dig deep into a Bible Study with group discussion, it tends to get my writing brain back in motion because I want to enter into the dialogue also.

        But I’ve also found that my writing tends to come in waves. Almost like childbirth. Like: I will be seemingly “dried up” for a bit (but I find in hindsight I was just taking everything in, learning, really diving into my experiences and being present in them) and then all of a sudden the written words just start flowing and flowing and flowing and I can’t set aside enough time to get them all out. Those are usually nights I find I write almost the entire night through while my kids are sleeping (because that’s my only opportunity for sustained, uninterrupted quiet time)! They make for tired next-days but sometimes it’s just what my soul NEEDS.

        You’ll be back when the time is right, my friend. I always love hearing what you have to say. ☺️


        1. Thanks Kristi! I loved your post about perfection that I just read. I couldn’t find a place to comment though. So I’ll tell you here, that I’m proud of you for how you’re learning these hard lessons. The book you created sounds wonderful, mistakes and all. What a treasure to have. My mother in law did that with pictures and family history. She just did something really simple, not elaborate, misspelled words and all, but now my kids have books with pictures and family history in them written in their grandmother’s hand. I need to work on this perfection thing myself. It keeps me from doing a lot. Good thoughts!


          1. Thanks for letting me know I forgot to enable the comment portion of my last post! Whoops! Just fixed it. As always, thank you for your encouragement. 😊M

            Thought of something else regarding dry spells in writing: in Beth Moor’s “Children of the Day” Bible study, she says this: “In between Bible studies, I miss the intensity of this process, and it’s not a happy miss.  With no hiatus, however, I’d have no life from which to write.” (27)

            I like that perspective.

            Have a great week!


  4. Whenever I get stuck, I realize I have to go live–and by live, I mean moodle. Moodling, to me, is activity that allows my brain to relax and wander. I can’t explain why, but it always works. Within a few days, I have an idea again re: writing . . .


  5. Why not slow down and just relax? enjoy some simple things? Maybe take a tour to your youth and go back to some hobby you had then? NO matter how much you write, keep writing. Don’t give up. for in the word of lord, this too shall pass. 🙂 Rejoice in the now and do your best. Bless you


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