Too Many Words?

Since last I wrote, I have been into self examination.  My last post was about not having any words to write.  My words have dried up.  Or so I thought. But on this day, I am wondering if maybe I have the opposite problem.  Maybe I have too many words.  Maybe I am being overwhelmed.  I certainly feel overwhelmed a lot.  There is just too much in life anymore that demands my attention. Social media tops the list.  It includes Facebook which I have come to enjoy less and less.  I was happier not knowing what everyone is thinking, eating, doing, every moment of every day.  Really I was.  For an introvert, this can become overload.  There are people who post every thought they have, every emotion. Do you really have to post every day that your child is growing up and that makes you soooo sad?  I’m not sure if they’re just looking for attention or they think someone out there is that interested in them.  I find myself scrolling faster and faster and logging off soon after I logged on.  It is a huge waste of time. I’m wondering if they only posted thoughts, issues, and re-posts of things that define them if facebook would be more enjoyable.  I want to get to know people.  Wading through hundreds of re-posts of posts they liked isn’t really accomplishing that.  It is like sitting down to have a conversation with someone and they pull out a magazine and slide it across the table to you saying, “Here.  Look through this.  I’ve circled everything I like in this issue.  I think you will enjoy knowing this about me.”  No, I won’t enjoy knowing this about you.  Pick one article and tell me what you think about it and why.  That is what I would enjoy discussing with you.  Or tell me something about you that I don’t already know.  Seeing you post facebook quiz after facebook quiz telling me you’re a “Red Personality” or you are going to live to 76, or that you should have 5 kids because some random generator tells you that, isn’t furthering our friendship or my understanding of you.
Pinterest is the same way.  I have found some patterns and recipes on Pinterest that could be useful, but I think I would be time ahead, simply searching for what I want when I want it instead of all the time spent scrolling through things I don’t want.  This morning I spent time wading through Instagram pictures.  While this is enjoyable for a while because I do love looking at pictures, it can also be a time waste.  Looking at other people’s lives instead of living my own.

My husband is a very wise man and saw the dangers and foolishness of social media a long time ago.  He has resisted becoming enmeshed in it and I see the value of that.  A simpler life.  A more content soul.  A more productive way of living.

I think it’s time to prioritize my life and my time. It’s also time to unplug for a while. Maybe then the racing thoughts and the feeling of being overwhelmed will subside.  Even my Bible reading is done through a social app, YouVersion . While it can be encouraging to see what my friends are reading, studying, and the verses they are highlighting, it has also started to become too much like social media for me.

It’s time to get back to the basics of life.


9 thoughts on “Too Many Words?

  1. I so understand the frustration. I use almost every form of social media for marketing (my non-writing/’real’ job) as well as for fun/creative ideas and keeping up with people from my past whom I would otherwise not talk to because of time and distance. And my goal has always been to try and limit my time on social media and also be only a positive and thought provoking force within a whole lot of negativity. BUT I have had to from time to time temporarily deactivate my Facebook page, to take a break from 1) getting caught up on how many likes I get on some of my light writing 2) pull myself back into what SHOULD be my focus. I think sometimes the constant input (much of which is so very trivial) is just too much and it leaves me feeling as though I am just a tiny speck of dust in this immense world of chatter. I can get lost on social media and forget where my center is. It’s a wonderful medium of expression but it must be taken in small doses. Huge challenge for me. Thanks for your meaningful words and the reminder to keep social media in check.


    1. You get it! My husband thinks I bring it on myself and I do contemplate just going dark as my kids say, but then there are things that are useful with this connection so I can’t bring myself to do that yet.


  2. Nothing beats holding a real book, cleaning a real closet (vs. email inbox) and cooking a real meal. We’re on sensory overload at the same time we’re depriving our senses of real experiences. Good for you!


  3. Good for you! Glad to hear from you again. I’m sure God will speak to you and you will find dormant parts of your soul flutter to life as you take whatever hiatus you are being led to.



  4. I totally agree. I am enjoying Facebook much less than I did and spending less time on it (which is definitely a good thing). I like the comparison you make with someone handing you a magazine with bits circled. I prefer reading people’s blog posts where they go into more depth on one subject than reading lots of little status updates about every detail of their lives.


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