Writing Again

i am backI have had a dry spell of writing. It’s been hard for me to write anything. I start, write 3/4 of a post and then before I can tie it all up and finish, I just give up. I’ve been plagued by doubts of no one really caring what I have to say anyway. A good blogging friend reminded me though, that we write for ourselves, not for anyone else. If we connect with someone, great!!! But if we don’t, it’s okay, because we’re writing to have a voice for ourselves. Because if we don’t write, we’re just not quite right. Forgive me for that. ha
So my new plan (I’m very good at making plans you’ll find, it’s the follow through I have problems with, “Can I get a witness?”), is to write short posts with just a thought or two until I can get past this writer’s block I’ve been fighting.
Thanks for listening, or reading, whichever way you hear this.


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