When the Encourager Needs to be Encouraged

This is going to be a short post.
I just want you to think about something for a moment.
Normally, I take joy in encouraging others.  I like to make people feel better about themselves.  Add to that the fact I don’t like to see anyone hurt.  That combination usually has me finding ways and observing others for ways to offer compliments and encouragement.  But every once in a while, I need to have some of that offered to me.   A couple of years ago, my husband and I did some quizzes to find out what our “love language” was.  You know, what makes you feel loved.  For me it was Words of Affirmation.  I am good at giving those to others.  I’m not bragging, I just really have a natural gift of affirmation.  So I know what it looks like, because I need it too.  Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to give this very well.  They seem to think it’s just compliments.  While those are nice, it goes a bit deeper than that.  Study the person you want to encourage.  What traits do they have that are admirable?  Comment on those and how valuable that trait is when they use it to help others.  Do you see them working hard on something?  Maybe it’s making dinner, maybe it’s painting a room in the house, maybe it’s a project at work, make sure you comment on it and tell them you appreciate them for it.  Maybe it’s even just going to the same job day after day when they don’t want to, to provide for you and your family.  I make sure I let my husband know frequently how much I appreciate the things he does like that for us.  I tell him what a good dad he is, what a good husband he is, what a good son he is.  That is how you use words of affirmation.  Also, don’t make it just about their accomplishments.  Comment on the traits they have that you appreciate.  Do they have a wonderful laugh that brightens your day, just to hear it?  Maybe they’re a great listener, or give comforting hugs.

So now you need to take a look at those people in your life who are encouragers and use some of the suggestions I’ve given you or come up with your own, and give them some encouragement.  Because just as a water pitcher eventually runs empty without being refilled, so do encouragers.  At least this encourager does.  I’ve been running on empty this week and have stopped reaching out to others.  I have nothing left to give right now.  How it would make my day or even week if just one person in my life was to reach out right now and give me some of that encouragement that I’m always doling out to others.  I’m guessing your encouragers could use some encouragement also.


11 thoughts on “When the Encourager Needs to be Encouraged

  1. Judy:
    Although we have never personally met, you are one of the people I admire.
    You are a bright light among we dim bulbs! Don’t think you MUST always be “up.” Sometimes one needs a recharge. That’s okay. Be encouraged to just be the wonderful you that you are.
    I can’t wait to meet and hug you!
    Love, Cynthia


    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia, your admiration means a great deal to me as I see how you live your life and you are the one to be admired. God’s light does shine through you, my dear friend. We will be in Rancho next weekend to see our grandson. I don’t think we’re going to have any extra time this trip though as we get there Friday afternoon and leave on Monday morning so we can spend the entire weekend with him. Haven’t seen him for 18 months. I need some hugs!! :-))


  2. Thanks for always “keeping it real,” Judy! I always appreciate how affirming you are when you stop by my blog! And I love how honest and transparent you are when you write your own blog posts. Thanks for this – helpful reminders, for sure. And as a words of affirmation girl myself: I can totally relate!

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    1. Well look at you, being an encourager! :-))
      Thanks so much for your comments. They always mean a lot to me. I need stop by your blog more. Life has been so busy this past year. (((Hugs)))


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