Writing Again

I have had a dry spell of writing. It’s been hard for me to write anything. I start, write 3/4 of a post and then before I can tie it all up and finish, I just give up. I’ve been plagued by doubts of no one really caring what I have to say anyway. A … More Writing Again

Dried Up

My words have dried up. It is not a great place to be. Where in the past, they flowed out of me endlessly, and I had no trouble imagining always having something to write about, now I struggle. I come up with ideas, ponder them, and then throw them back. I try writing and may … More Dried Up


Today is Monday.  One of the days my writing group reads a chapter in the book we’re going through, Kroeker and Craig are the authors, the book – On Being A Writer.  We meet at Kate Motaung’s blog to discuss.  You are welcome to join us, if you like. Today’s chapter was titled Write.  Simple, directive. … More Write