Writing Again

I have had a dry spell of writing. It’s been hard for me to write anything. I start, write 3/4 of a post and then before I can tie it all up and finish, I just give up. I’ve been plagued by doubts of no one really caring what I have to say anyway. A … More Writing Again

Too Many Words?

My husband is a very wise man and saw the dangers and foolishness of social media a long time ago. He has resisted becoming enmeshed in it and I see the value of that. A simpler life. A more content soul. A more productive way of living. … More Too Many Words?

Free or Fee

I am a new blogger having only begun roughly about 2 1/2 months ago.  When I started I knew nothing except writing. I’ve tried to set up my blog and include features I want on here.  Not being a really technologically savvy person, there are things I’d still like to improve but don’t know how.  I … More Free or Fee