I am promoting a friend’s blog post today.  I feel she has really addressed an issue that has been needing to be addressed.  I feel convicted by this, I hope others are too.  Please take the time to read, it’s worth it.  Great job Malia!   via Lipstick and likes and the lost


The storm has come and gone.  As I look outside, I see the road still where it was, the bins across the road are still standing, and the birds are busy eating out of the feeders and off the ground.  While the snow and winds were hammering us, the poor little birds held onto those … More Storms

He Lies

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re barely hanging on?  By a thread.  To your sanity. I am having one of those days. It started out well enough, I woke up had my favorite coffee, did my Bible study and devotions which were especially good this morning and new truths were revealed … More He Lies

Short and Sweet

Just a quick post to say that yes I am behind on reading other blogs, I am behind on a lot of things but all for good reason. My grandson from California has been visiting for the past two weeks and we have been busy for the entire time, enjoying him to the max. More … More Short and Sweet