20141217_082237I started this blog as a voice for myself.  This morning during my quiet time with God, I was led to make some changes to it. Whereas my title used to be JudyRules, it always bothered me that I was giving off a wrong message.  Because in the end, it’s not my rules I try to live by, but His rules.  So I’ve changed the title.  I’ve also been led to reveal more about my Christian walk.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a devotional writer or even a Christian writer, but more of just an average person blogging about their life and where God leads them.  Sometimes I will share insights He’s given me and other times, it may be all my own words.  My prayer is that through this blog, glory will be given to God, and that it will bless you as well.  Without Love, I am a clanging gong.

A little about me if you want to know:
I’m 54, a married wife of  36 years to a wonderful, Christian man whom I adore, mother of 3 grown sons, and one beautiful daughter by marriage, and grandmother to the most precious 9 year old boy I know.
I’m a forgiven sinner.  I still fail all the time, but I’m trying and that’s what counts, I believe.  I’m not especially wise, or beautiful, but I do like to interact with people in the digital world and enjoy putting my thoughts into text whether digitally or the good old fashioned paper and pencil.
I love God, my family, and flowers.
I hate conflict, dieting, and being tired all the time.
I look forward to meeting you.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Judy 🙂 Love how you have put your love for Jesus out here on the blog. I am not a christian though. You have a grandson who is 9 ha? wow… That’s sort of an achievement you know? Having a big family and being able to care and love for them… I am happy to read your blog…

    See you around.


    1. Hi Hemangini,
      So nice to meet you and thank you for reading and following my blog. While I would love for you to know Jesus as your Savior, I will not push my beliefs on you, but will respect your beliefs. I am delighted to make a new friend! Do you live in India?


  2. Do you go by “Jude” or “Judy?” – Hey Jude, well, I can’t help but hear the Beatles singing in my head. (which is a good thing.) and that’s a gorgeous photo- you look like a warm person.

    My favorite auntie, was my Aunt Judy.

    Reading this, I can tell you are beautiful in the inside, as well as, the outside. I’m not sure what the “tired all the time” refers to, but hopefully, God can help you with that. I know I am tired just by simply being a parent. Your grandson is the same age as my daughter. 🙂

    I mainly blog about my family, my various jobs, and general whatever. Typically, I’m able to have a positive outlook and try to type in such a way to make my posts interesting to others… but mainly to make friends. If you read my blog, you’ll know me and would be able to pick me out in a crowd.

    I’m glad you stopped by and hopefully, we’ll be blogging pals soon.

    Lake Forest, CA


      1. Nice to meet you Sandy. My grandson lives in L.A. And I’m thinking my aunt lives in Lake Forest. I go by Judy. Jude is a nickname and yes the hey Jude is a Beatles reference. Thanks so much for the nice comments. I look forward to getting to know you better, your seem like a very genuine person. Hard to find anymore.
        Tired all the time refers to the fatigue I’ve suffered from. They pout me on oxygen at night now and I think that’s helping. 🙂


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