Notice – Another installment in our writer’s group assignments

I am taking part in a writer’s group and we are going through Kroeker and Craig’s book On Being a Writer.  We meet at Kate Motaung’s blog to discuss a chapter on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I am a little behind this week so am just now getting to post my thoughts on Wednesday’s chapter which was … More Notice – Another installment in our writer’s group assignments


The older I get, the more I forget.  This should probably be stamped on my body someplace.  Like a tattoo.  Only I have decided I don’t want a tattoo.  Maybe a note on my shirt. I used to think the dentist or doctor calling to remind you of an appointment was so silly.  Who can’t keep … More Reminder

10 Writer Stereotypes that are (Mostly) Wrong #Writer #guestblogger

Originally posted on BlondeWriteMore:
Isabelle Sudron, author and blog author of ‘Sudrobelle’ dropped by the Blondewritemore office last week offering to do a Guest Post. The entire BWM team erupted into cheers and shouts (with so many on the team the noise was deafening). She describes herself as a?’writerholic’?and shares our passion for list posts.…


Feeling so broken and all alone My heart cries out I need someone to reach for me once To choose me, to pick me I am the strong one Who is always doing the reaching The comforting The building up I am empty and need refilled Although I long for A human to reach out … More Alone

Finding My Heart

Finding My Heart I think today’s post will be longer than 5 minutes.  It’s important to me so I don’t want to shortchange it. Have you ever lost your way?  In life, that is?  Some people are so sure of what they want, they set goals, make plans and never stray from the course, but … More Finding My Heart

How do I arrange it?

Today’s first post, which may be my only post but I am ambitious for now, is for my writing group.  We’ve read Chapter Two in the book On Being a Writer by Kroeker and Craig for our discussion group with Kate Motaung on Arrange.  How do we arrange our lives to enable and achieve our writing goals?  Do we … More How do I arrange it?