People Full

This morning I find myself, as I often do, fed up with people.  I am an introvert and too much interaction with people drains me.  Social media especially drains me and I have to be careful to limit myself on there.  I conducted a 2 week fast from facebook about a month ago.  I had … More People Full


Christmas comes only 1 time a year.  It is celebrated for 2 days.  A year consists of 365 days. Something that takes a small percentage 2/365, or .073 if I calculated right. (Be kind, Math is not my friend.) Less than 1 % of the year. For something that takes such a small amount of … More Christmas

I’m Back

It’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything for my blog.  I’ve deeply missed the writing.  I don’t know if any readers have necessarily missed me, but that is not something I’m worried about. Although it’s really nice to have people read you, comment on your writing, resonate with your thoughts, and miss you, … More I’m Back