Why I Blog

Occasionally, during the course of my day I stumble across something I would change.  Either do it differently, or in my humble opinion (imho) better. As in if I ruled the world, this is how it would work.  Hence the title of my blog JudyRules.  Not that I’m a ruler or would really want to be but I do oftentimes see how I could do things better than what I’m observing being done.
Frequently, I share my observations with my husband.  He has encouraged me many times to record these either in the form of a blog or a book.  Since I don’t feel competent to start a book at this time, I thought I’d give blogging a try.
Be kind, be gentle.  I’m not professing to be anything other than I am.  A 54 year old, fat grandma who has a sometimes unique view of her world with a very quirky sense of humor.

I’ve just recently started this Blog and am learning about how to blog and how to set up my blog.  In my attempt to learn more, I’ve signed up for a course on blogging for Beginners, entitled Blogging 101.  I’m excited to interact with other bloggers who are also taking this beginner course, making some new online friends, and perhaps finding a community of fellow bloggers.  One in which we can encourage and help each other as we all strive to be better bloggers.

The first assignment in this course was to introduce ourselves and answer some basic questions.  The first being why I’m blogging publicly and not just keeping a private journal.  Fair question.  I have journaled for years and found it very therapeutic.  I think I’m choosing public blogging now because I do want to be heard, I do want an audience, and I hope I can either encourage you with my writing by letting you know you’re not alone in your beliefs and views or simply to amuse you with my quirky way of looking at life.

I intend to write about all sorts of topics as they come to me.  Something happens in my day and there’s a good chance it will end up on here.  I’m an introvert by nature and so even though I sometimes have a lot to say and share, interacting with people drains me so I tend to spend a lot of time by myself.  This is my outlet.

I would like to connect with like-minded individuals.  People with a great sense of humor and a positive upbeat outlook.  People I can relate to.  People who won’t look at me strange because of what I’ve said, but will nod and say,”I know, right?!”
Kindred spirits.
My goal with this blog for the first year anyway, is to write consistently, try to improve and develop my style and start to build a following.
Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I thank G-d for everything. I’m so full of joy that I had the faith to sign up for blogging101 because it has lead me to interact with wonderful people like you. I really like your blog and so agree with why you started it. I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. Hi! You are of to a great start, you seem very focussed and determined. My blog is old, but I am only taking blogging101 now! Better late than never as they say. Good luck to you.

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    1. Thanks Elle! I agree, better late than never. I intend to check out your blog also. I see you have 4 young children. It is really hard to get things done with a lot of little ones around. Just keep trying. 🙂

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      1. Thanks Judy. 🙂 Ye, its really hard to find the time, but it feels good when I do and get to write something. Thankfully, I got a little time today to get my intro done. 🙂

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